Summer 2011 • Vol. XXXIII No. 3 Poetry |

September 10th—Black Notebook #2

I was sitting up on the graves in Provincetown, my back against the old Gaspar stone, and I could feel my grandfather angry and restless and hating to be dead. He wanted to laugh and walk along the wharves and streets and be greeted and hailed and loved, and drink cheap wine again. I should have brought that other stone with me, the black lava rock from Pico Azores that I plucked from the beach outside of what is maybe the little village that all the old ones harbored from, how I could push it into the sandy earth and cover it over and something at last would be done. One day I will bear it here. Another day I will fall here like blown dust. I took a bottle of green wine and opened it and poured some out and let it sink into the ground. Then I drank some, and then I poured some more on the graves, like that, back and forth, and I talked out loud to the dead, some going back so far I knew almost nothing about them but had only the gravure on the weathered granite to steer by. Sometim

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Frank X. Gaspar is an American poet, novelist, and professor of Portuguese descent. His most recent novel is Stealing Fatima (Counterpoint press, December, 2009). His collection of poetry, Night of a Thousand Blossoms (Alice James Books, 2004) was one of twelve books honored as the "Best Poetry of 2004" by Library Journal. His most recent collection of poems is Late Rapturous, from Autumn House Press.

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