Summer 2011 • Vol. XXXIII No. 3 Poetry |

Black Notebook, Psalm 15, Dead Sea Scrolls, New Bedford

—What can I say, if you do not open my mouth? The fall sun on the pitched roof of the ancient schoolhouse across the street, its chimneys and skylights, gulls crying over on the docks, bricks and moldings all alight, and I was in the breeze and under the maple tree and the ivy wall watching Thomas and Peter and John raise the dead, sometimes in multitudes, and the pages shuffling now and then in the little gusts of wind up from the harbor. Every flower may be found here. Every temple withstands the dark cloud. Cobblestones ballasting the terrible ships from London, Liverpool, Lisbon, Barbados, Joppa, Tarshish. The old iron rails of the vanished trolleys, occulted in years of asphalt, uprising now, gleaming black as starlings as they slowly shoulder sunward again, and the starlings in the trees shivering the wind away and staring eternally into the one moment. Then down among the trawlers, all muscle and steel in their high freeboard, the palisades of scoured decks, the drags

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Frank X. Gaspar is an American poet, novelist, and professor of Portuguese descent. His most recent novel is Stealing Fatima (Counterpoint press, December, 2009). His collection of poetry, Night of a Thousand Blossoms (Alice James Books, 2004) was one of twelve books honored as the "Best Poetry of 2004" by Library Journal. His most recent collection of poems is Late Rapturous, from Autumn House Press.

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