Summer 2006 • Vol. XXVIII No. 3 PoetryJuly 1, 2006 |

Sketches from Lucian Freud Paintings at the Tate, 2003. Apples in State: Two Studies

1. Courbet's Three green ones, two with a touch of green.The others red, with the healthy scars apples have.They fill the bowl as manifestoThe pewter jug standing guardAnd two guerilla apples loose on the tableObservant of the jug's helmet,As is the half-filled glass between them,The liquid thought in shadow, in prison,With even the pomegranate incarceratedAt Saule-Pelague. But the collective bowlStill crowds color into the roomwith such a deep glow, such hope,that art goes out the window. 2. Freud's These small, hard, shadowy ones    Could have been shaken    Down by grandpapa       After Kristallnacht.The box was dragged across Europe. Now it rests in WalesBefore the iron mountain.The question is: who will    Make their way into its caves.    The stone-breakers or clowns? The apples try to glow.Oh, there is light in them    Just as there was, say,    In a gold watch that's melted. One day they will be

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