Summer 2006 • Vol. XXVIII No. 3 Poetry |

Letter to Lawson

I have lived 19,404 midnights, some of them in the quaver of fish dreamsAnd some without any memory at all, just the flash of the jumpFrom a night rainbow, to an island of fire and flowers—such a holyLeap between forgetting and jazz. How long has it been since I called you back?After Albuquerque with my baby in diapers on my hip; it was a difficult birth,I was just past girlhood slammed into motherhood. What a bear. Beyond the door of my tongue is a rail and I'm leaning over to watch bearsCatch salmon with their teeth. That realm isn't anywhere near Los Angeles. If I dreamIt all back then I reconstruct hat song buried in the muscle of urgency. rm bereftin the lost nation of debtors. Wey yo hey, wey yo hey yah hey. Pepper jumpedAnd some of us went with him to the stomp. All night, beyond midnight, backUp into the sky, holy. It was a holy mess, wholly of our folly, drawn of ashes around the holeOf our undoing. Back there the ceremonial fire was disassembled, broken and bareLik

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