Summer 2004 • Vol. XXVI No. 3 Drama |


Character: CHRISTOPHER, a boy of eleven. Scene: Black. Sounds of copulation, a man and a woman, continuing throughout the piece, rising and falling in intensity and volume as directed. [CHRISTOPHER is discovered in a womb of light. He sits on the floor, drawing—some domestic scene—a large sheet of white butcher paper beneath him. Crayons lie scattered around. He looks up at the audience.] CHRISTOPHER: Hear that? [Gesturing back toward noises] That's me they're making. At it, Harold and Mom.                Hopped up, like a couple of rabbits. [Beat] Like on that battery commercial? The one that                never stops? [Beat] That's them. That's these two. [Beat] They got hopped up a lot.                They don't know, of course, it's me that's coming. Nobody knows, not yet. Least of all ha-ha old                Shadowface, working graveyard shif

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