Summer 2003 • Vol. XXV No. 3/4 Poetry |

Green Grass Trodden by People Coming and Going

Translated from the Chinese.     Green grass trodden by people coming and going is part of its ordinary life People who walk on the grass lead an ordinary life, I am one of them A stroll by the river after dinner many people and things are also treading on my shoulders and head to and fro I now come out for a change of air the grass is bent, for a moment but soon straightens up after people leave maybe not as straight as before doing that all its life Can one be like that The grass over there is hardly ever trodden growing well, very straight Someone with a lawnmower is walking towards it

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Ouyang Yu graduated from La Trobe University with a doctoral degree in Australian literature and has had twenty-odd Chinese and English books published in the field of fiction, poetry, literary translation, and literary criticism. His most recent English-language novel is The Eastern Slope Chronicle (Brandl & Schlesinger, Sydney, September 2002). He has published his fourth book of poetry, Two Hearts, Two Tongues and Rain-coloured Eyes (Wild Peony, Sidney, September 2002) and his thirteenth book of translation, in Chinese, of Robert Hughes’s The Shock of the New (Baihua Publishing House, China, January 2003). His fifth book of poetry, Selected Poems of Ouyang Yu, is forthcoming with Salt Publishing (United Kingdom, 2003).

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