Summer 1995 • Vol. XVII No. 3/4 InterviewJuly 1, 1995 |

I Am a Woman Writer; I Am a Western Writer: An Interview with Ursula Le Guin

Ursula Le Guin is America's preeminent writer of science fiction. However, one should not be confused and call her only a science fiction writer, because—as she will tell you—since the publication of her first novel, Rocannon's World (Ace Books, 1966), she has published more than fifteen novels, four collections of poetry, five short story collections, seven books for children, two books of criticism, screenplays, edited anthologies, and she has made a half dozen recordings. She has published more than sixty short stories in the New Yorker, Tri-Quarterly, Kenyon Review, Omni, Redbook, Playboy, and Playgirl. Her most recent books are Going Out with Peacocks, a book of poems from HarperCollins, Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings, a book for children from Orchard Press, and A Fisherman of the Island Sea, a book of science fiction short stories from HarperPrism. In 1972 Le Guin won the National Book Award for The Farthest Shore. In addition to being a five-time winner of

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William Walsh, the author of six books, is the director of the Etowah Valley low-residency MFA program at Reinhardt University. His collection of poems, Fly Fishing in Times Square, recently won the Editor’s Book Prize at Červená Barva Press. His interviews with Rita Dove, Eamon Grennan, and Ursula Le Guin appeared in past issues of the Kenyon Review. Since 1980, he has resided in Atlanta but plans on moving to Ireland or Colorado, depending upon traffic.

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