Summer 1993 • Vol. XV No. 3 PoetryJuly 1, 1993 |

Four Reasons for Destroying a Spider’s Web (A Meditation during the Gulf War)

One: It is in your way, strung across a doorway or between the forest walls flanking your trail. It floats like a mantra across the steps down from your deck and you cannot duck under or walk around the other way. You've tried. There is no secret password at which, when you utter it, one filament will let go and the whole web swing back intact closing silently behind you. Two: You don't like spiders. It's not a violent dislike--- just the kind that makes you shudder when you feel the web caress your face. Where is the spider? you wonder as your smallest hairs prick up and somewhere in your brain a picture of that arachnoid body dropping inside your shirt opens like the iris of the camera's eye--- gone before the thought. You try to be careful as you break the web at one corner and its tenant falls away, glaring. Three: Spiders belong in the wild and yours is human territory--- sterile, cleansed of everything that grows outside your control. You scrub lichen and moss from bat

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