Summer 1993 • Vol. XV No. 3 Fiction |

Dispersion, a Tale

The Queen knew she and the King needed some R and R in Eilat if the marriage was to survive. They hadn't talked to each other for three years. Not because they didn't have what to say. And not because they were avoiding each other. Rather, the effort to carve out a slice of time just for themselves resembled that needed to climb Mount Sinai on a hot day. Who had the energy? One Thursday night, during halftime of a Tel Aviv Maccabi basketball game, the Queen finagled the King's agreement to a desert jaunt. Just the two of them. "OK, OK," the King said, hoping she'd back off before game time. "We'll go. We'll go. I'll take care of everything." "Everything" meant finding a solution for their seven sons and one daughter. When the Queen told her girl friends at the well about her upcoming respite, they stood in awe. "Gee," they mumbled in unison, "I wish my king would take me to Eilat."   There were people going back and forth in the Land in those days. Suissa wa

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