Summer 1989 • Vol. XI No. 3 FictionJuly 1, 1989 |

At the Back Door

Longview is getting to be pretty big: next week the Good Luck Gas station will be leveled to make way for the new mall. Hoffpauer's job at the station was only temporary anyway. It's time to make his move. On this long blue summer evening he has packed everything he owns into the trunk of his old car, including the sweater knitted for him by Aunt Alice, which is too small, and the case of Wolf Brand Chili from Uncle Arvid, who owns the station. By midnight he crests the last starry hill of the county road down to the freeway and the lights of the city.   With his business degree from Longview University, Hoffpauer has no trouble getting a job in a big downtown bank, repossessing cars. They are short-handed. Hoffpauer is tall and friendly, shakes hands with the personnel director, says hello to the vice president, goes down to the basement to meet his boss in collections, and before lunch is cruising the streets with Costa. They repossess a few cars. At nightfall they are st

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