Summer 1984 • Vol. VI No. 3 Personally SpeakingJuly 1, 1984 |

The Parts of Speech

". . . . I tell myself that a healthy imagination is like a healthy appetite and must be fed. If you do not feed it the lives of your friends, I maintain, then you are apt to feed it your own life, to live in your imagination rather than upon it." PETER TAYLOR, Daphne's Lover I am a writer, a man who makes fictions. I take things, real things — people, events, language — and I make them into fictions. I take the real people I know or have known, and what happens to them, and what they say to me, or what I have heard them say to others, and to one another, and I think about all this. And sometimes, when I am working well, I am able to make real people's lives into fictions that are more real than what I began with. Sometimes I am not able to achieve this, and there is no fiction, and the real people and their lives remain just that — real. When they do not become fictions, I forget them as soon as I can, and I go on to the next people — their lives, their words, the n

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