Summer 1979 • Vol. I No. 3 Interview |

An Interview

From the Russian.  This interview was conducted by Janis Sapiets in Vermont on February 3, 1979. Later that month, in two parts, it was broadcast in Russian by the Russian/East European Services of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The Kenyon Review will publish the second part of the interview in its next issue. SAPIETS. Aleksandr Isayevich: it is now five years since you were exiled. It's not a long time from the point of view of history, but for a writer as closely linked with Russia's future as you, it's a painfully long time. In 1967, at a meeting of the Secretariat of the Union of Writers, you said, I quote: "All my life the soles of my feet have felt the soil of my native land; it is her pain alone that I feel; I write only of her." Now that you are cut off from that land, do you feel that that pain has receded into the past, that it is no longer your own pain? SOLZHENITSYN. Everything is just the same as if they never exiled me: my life, my work, the direc

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