Summer 1964 • Vol. XXVI No. 3 Book ReviewsJuly 1, 1964 |

The Comedy of Errors and the Rape of Lucrece

The Comedy Of Errors and The Rape Of Lucrece recorded by the Marlowe Dramatic Society and Professional Players. London Records. $9.96 (Mono), $11.96 (Stereo). To condemn The Comedy of Errors as a bad play, and to assert that if Shakespeare were not the author no one would think twice about performing it, is surely inadmissible. By Shakespearean yardsticks, it may be textually undistinguished, but, as countless stage productions have shown, it is theatrically an expertly constructed farce. Of course, this does not mean that the play is good recording material. The fun contained in it can be fully realized only by seeing the crazy whirligig of mistaken identity; by seeing that the two pairs of twins are as like as two peas in a pod; by seeing the hysterical chaos their presence creates. The author's plan depends for its effectiveness upon visual—not oral—confusion: something which is quite beyond the scope of a recording. Although Shakespeare's plays were written to be se

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