Summer 1963 • Vol. XXV No. 3 Book Reviews |

Lawrence from All Sides

Harry T. Moore LAWRENCE FROM ALL SIDES THE DEED OF LIFE: THE NOVELS AND TALES OF D. H. LAWRENCE by Julian Moynihan. Princeton University Press, $5.00. D. H. LAWRENCE: A COLLECTION OF CRITICAL ESSAYS. Edited by Mark Spilka. Prentice-Hall, $1.95. THE ART OF PERVERSITY: D. H. LAWRENCE'S SHORTER FIC- TIONs by Kingsley Widmer. University of Washington Press, $6.50. THE UTOPIAN VISION OF D. H. LAWRENCE by Eugene Goodheart. University of Chicago Press, $5.00. OEDIPUS IN NOTTINGHAM: D. H. LAWRENCE by Daniel Weiss. University of Washing- ton Press, $4.50. A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF D. H. LAWRENCE by Warren Rob- erts. Rupert Hart-Davis, ?5/5s. THESE SIX BOOKS ABOUT LAWRENCE, four of them literary criticism, are indicative of his flourishing new reputation. All of them are by young, or fairly young, teachers. I must begin by admitting at least slight involvement in some of these volumes because I gave two of them an encouraging pat on the back as they were en route to their publish- ers and because I a

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