Summer 1961 • Vol. XXIII No. 3 Department KR: A Section of Briefer CommentJuly 1, 1961 |

The Business at Hand

June 20 Dear Sir: The gloomy rains continue, and things feel damp and clammy to the touch. I trust that your efforts to keep your spirits from flagging have met with success. As to the business at hand: You must forgive me, a stranger, for writing to you without proper introduction. I am a third-year student in the Liberty Hill Girls' Higher Seminary. I am nineteen years old, twenty-one years old by Japanese count. My hobbies are literature, philosophy, and television. I am 5.1 feet tall. I enclose a snapshot, taken last spring at the athletic meet, when I had fluctuations and was not feeling well. I think I would like to exchange ideas with a foreign gentleman, and when I went to the American Cultural Center and said I thought I would like to they were kind enough to give me your address. You must forgive me for writing to you without introduction. I think I would like to exchange ideas on literature, philosophy, society, and television. Please let me know when

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