Summer 1958 • Vol. XX No. 3 Editor's NotesJuly 1, 1958 |

Edgar Collins Bogardus

A few weeks ago Edgar Bogardus died of asphyxiation from a defective gas flue in his old home at Mount Vernon, Ohio. He had only a few months earlier assumed his duties as our managing editor. Just before that we had accepted for publication a group of his new poems which appear in this issue. A great advancement is shown here over the verse of his first volume, which had a fine press as the fiftieth volume in the Yale Younger Poets series. He was a man of unusual personal distinction, and seemed to be coming rapidly into an important literary career. We have here his manuscripts, both finished and unfinished. He was planning his second volume of verse, and it is our intention if possible to arrange the book and send it to a reputable publisher. But the entries are not complete, nor the full information as to which poems have had periodical publication. We invite any correspondence which will assist us. JOHN CROWE RANSOM    Robie Macauley, the new editor of the Rev

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