Jan/Feb 2018 • Vol. XL No. 1 Generation Zero: New Cuban PoetryJanuary 1, 2018 |

Carnival Irons

From the Spanish.    Forged in clandestine smithies they travel on ominous trailers through the national scar, artifacts for amusement, in neighborhood carnivals assembled in just an hour. Pieces of old sugar mills marinated for years in syrup alcohol, now they take their seats in flying chairs and on boats suspended in the arc of their journey. Those who never witnessed the splendor of electric parks will find here an unfaithful imitation. Say good-bye to your child while he fights back his vertigo in the small cages of "The Exterminator." Let's ride "The Dragon" when its badly drawn eye sees nameless beer spilled, lingering in wineskins made of a strange nickel and argued over by knights with a medieval thirst. Standing on the roller coasters carpet hearing the brakes of the Ferris wheel grind I told you: this country is so sad. "Have fun," was the answer while you got me some cotton candy brought from grand Brazil in the dark holds of luxury ocean liners.

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Liuvan Herrera Carpio
Liuvan Herrera Carpio (Fomento, 1981) is a poet, literary scholar, critic, and editor. He received a degree in literature from the Central University in Las Villas and in Latin American culture from the University for the Arts. He is currently a professor at the National University of Chimborazo. He has published four books of poetry and two books of essays. He lives in Riobamba, Ecuador.  
Photo of Katherine M. Hedeen
Katherine M. Hedeen is the poetry in translation editor for the Kenyon Review and the associate editor of Action Books.  She is a two-time recipient of a NEA Translation Project Grant, she is a professor of Spanish at Kenyon College.
Víctor Rodríguez Núñez is one of Cuba's most outstanding contemporary writers. He has published more than thirty books of poetry throughout Latin America and Europe and has received major awards all over the Spanish-speaking world. He divides his time between Gambier, Ohio, where he is professor of Spanish at Kenyon College, and Havana, Cuba.

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