Winter 2012 • Vol. XXXIV No. 1 2011 Kenyon Review Short Fiction Contest |


2011 Kenyon Review Short Fiction Contest Runner-Up   They catch sight of each other at four hundred sixty-six miles per hour, or at the speed where four hundred sixty-six suddenly turns to zero in a burst of broken glass and burning support beams. She is strapped into seat 8J and he is at a desk on the ninety-fifth floor. The nose of the plane nudges the window, and in the moment before his neck snaps and the cabin bursts open, the window of 8J passes by his desk. Neural impulses travel faster than planes, making assumptions and twisting impressions through the myelinated crevices of the barely conscious. They exchange last glances, and with this, Isabelle begins to remember geometry. She could tell him that the closest analogy she can devise for their moment is Euclid's geographical point: fixed and depthless in space. She could expand on this theory, could argue away his rebuttals after they have met for the first time somewhere else, on a dreary February afternoo

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Anna Kovatcheva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and holds an MFA in fiction writing from New York University. Her novella, The White Swallow, was selected by Aimee Bender as the winner of the 2014 Gold Line Press Fiction Chapbook Competition, and was published in 2015. Her stories have previously appeared or are forthcoming in Best American Nonrequired Reading, the Kenyon Review, and the Iowa Review. She lives in New York City, where she works as a graphic designer. In her off hours, Anna writes about Slavic folklore and teenage girls conspiring to murder.

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