Winter 2011 • Vol. XXXIII No. 1 2010 Kenyon Review Short Fiction Prize |


2010 Kenyon Review Short Fiction Contest Runner-up   Charles reached across the seat of the cab to cover his wife's dry hand with his own. The knuckles of it were tensed and he felt the ridges there. "When was the last time we saw the McClaines?" his wife asked. "I don't know," he said. "March?" He made a humming noise. It was November and the windows of the cab were white at their edges. His wife did not say anything. He looked at her flat cheek in the moving light and thought of how there were small hairs there which he could not see or feel. Their friends the McClaines had this dinner party the week before Thanksgiving. It was better than the holiday. Ben and Alice McClaine had an apartment of low, constant noise that moved warmly. Charles loved this, how he felt filled by the sound of the place. "I like this much better than Thanksgiving," he said to his wife. "Of course. You know." She looked at him, his eyes and then his neck. "We're not having

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Diana Kole is a comparative literature student at New York University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Staccato Fiction (Fall, 2009), Kill Author (April, 2010), and Mud Luscious Press (July, 2010).

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