Winter 2007 • Vol. XXIX No. 1 Editor's Notes |

Editor’s Notes

It's the Internet, stupid! I confess I don't recall when it first came to me that we'd be wise to develop a Web site for The Kenyon Review. Certainly not a dozen years ago, when we were publishing a journal three times a year and operating the Young Writers program, which I'd created separately several years earlier. Mostly we were struggling to weather the financial tsunami that nearly shut KR down. Some good while later, when the inspiration struck at last, what I envisioned, and what took far longer to develop and launch than I'd anticipated, was a kind of electronic billboard. in its infancy was fairly static—a place to find out basic information about KR and our programs, to subscribe (I dared hope), even to sample some excerpts. So here we are in 2006 with a that represents a third generation of the design. It's far more interactive than before, and more attractive too, with forums and podcasts and now even a daily blog. How much

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Photo of David Lynn
David H. Lynn is the editor emeritus of The Kenyon Review, a professor of English, and special assistant to the president of the college. He was the editor of the Review from 1994 to 2020. As an author, he received a 2016 O. Henry Award for "Divergence." His latest collection, Children of God: New & Selected Stories, was published in 2019 by Braddock Avenue Books.

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