Winter 1998 • Vol. XX No. 1 Poetry |

Diary Entry, March 24

Today walked home  though cold. no coffee  no Cracker-Jack  no books  $200 cash  $3.50 taxi saved  $5.69 coffee not spent Wind blowing hard  scarf tossing in my face  breathing fast in the cold A boy met   walking   like that boy in Ellerbe hands deep   in pockets  shoulders twisting  mouth   bitter  Eyes glittering bluegray   blackfringed looking into me   Kiss-me-quick-I'm-off-good-bye and   tied my scarf under my chin Hurry Just past the bridge wind threw a foam hot dog carton on the sidewalk ahead  It landed flat and waddled along open  a little casket Death  determined to get there before me  But the wind lifted it  took it off  I  determined to get there before it  Waddle as the wind blows casket  A fling of maple keys on the street That's the way the money goes  Keys  Eyes bluegray  blackfringed Don't shiver little star It's not as cold as all that

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Eleanor Ross Taylor was a writer of poetry, short fiction, and literary criticism. Widow of the noted novelist Peter Taylor (1917–1994), Taylor was associated with a literary circle that included figures such as Randall Jarrell, Robert Lowell, and Robert Penn Warren.

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