Winter 1992 • Vol. XIV No. 1 Poetry |

She Lucy. 1849

she had a caul on her eye and a birth mark 'side her mouth she was born early or born late or conceived in planting time any way she split her mother coming out and fornay say "that's a sure sign of power and power in a slave woman mean trouble." trouble began in the big house when she learned to walk she was running she ain't mind and her mother went gray switching her still she ran it began in the big house when she was five she set the curtains on fire boss say "get that nigga' to the fields 'fore i kill her!" then again in the fields began with overseer work but weren't gonna lie with him no man specially no white man overseer keep messin' she took the hoe in her hand and split his head open. wouldn't be told whipped or sold had her on the auction block "one healthy unabused prime wench" man call when the bid get near five hundred she grab a hatchet from the wall cut off her own right hand this time and tossed it to the crowd laughing. she had a caul on her eye a bir

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