Winter 1984 • Vol. VI No. 1 Book ReviewsJanuary 1, 1984 |

Her Revery

The Complete Poems1927-1979 by Elizabeth Bishop. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc. 1983. 276 pages. $17.50. The dream proceeds on its way in linear fashion, forgetting its original path as it hastens along. The revery works in a star pattern. It returns to its center to shoot out new beams. Gaston Bachelard Accompanying Elizabeth Bishop's memoir of Marianne Moore, published posthumously in Vanity Fair this past summer, appears a photograph of Marianne Moore's writing desk. The array of small statues, boîtes, and paperweights is, one suspects, dense with personal anecdote, but there is one riddle that is plain to see. Above the book-ledge, on the wall, hang reproductions of three paintings by William Blake in which the naked bodies of God, man, and angel twine and tumble, the heavy articulation of each body's musculature repeated in the large sweeping arcs of massed shapes. The impression both in the large view and the small is of distinct, firm plaques of liv

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