Winter 1983 • Vol. V No. 1 Poetry |

The Warning

The difference between us and the Etruscans . . . is the following: whereas we believe lightning to be released as a result of the collision of clouds, they believe clouds collide so as to release lightning. For as they attribute all to the deity, they are led to believe not that things have a meaning in so far as they occur, rather that they occur because they must have a meaning. SENECA, Quaestiones naturales Open or closed my eyes are blind. Blinded and hollow, like shells empty of eggs. My lips---slightly parted---frozen, seared shut. They want to let out a cry: a cavernous O. But what I saw would not let me be myself, troubled my worship, made me strike this pose.            Into my right hand            the lightning fell.            A bolt from Tinia---            it was red---I'm sure.            It glittered before            it bur

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