Fall 1969 • Vol. XXXI No. 5 Book Reviews |

Plot Luck

The Process by Brion Gysin. Doubleday and Company, $5.95. Cowboys Don't Cry by L. J. Davis. The Viking Press, $5.75. Erebus by Robert Hunter. Grove Press, $5.95. The Professionals by Derwent May. David White Company, $4.95. Without A City Wall by Melvyn Bragg. Alfred A. Knopf, $5.95. Night Watch by Stephen Koch. Harper and Row, $5.95. In Brion Gysin's version of Odysseus' last voyage, Ulysses O. Hanson leaves Ithaca (New York) for the desert wastes of North Africa. But The Process has little else in common with the archetypal adventure. For Hanson is black (like Roth's Portnoy, a minority figure), academic (professor of the history of slavery), and a suitably non-heroic successor of Dostoevsky's underground man. His wandering is subsidized not by Homeric fortitude but by a foundation grant; is propelled not by well-wrought oars but on the magic carpet of pot; is recorded for posterity not in song but electronically. His curiosity, far from being an insatiable

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