Fall 1968 • Vol. XXX No. 5 Book Reviews |

Quixotism Vindicated

Russell Kirk QUIXOTISM VINDICATED OUR LORD DON QUIXOTE: The Life of Don Quixote and Sancho, with Related Es- says by Miguel de Una- muno. Translated by An- thony Kerrigan; introduc- tion by Walter Starkie. Princeton University Press, $6.50. In his Life of Don Quixote and in the sixteen related es- says which make up this vol- ume, Unamuno celebrated the holiness of the knight of the Sorrowful Countenance. No Cervantist (a breed generally despised by the philosopher of Salamanca), but instead a worshiper of the dauntless figure who forever rides across a dusty plain, Unamuno wrote this "free and personal exege- sis" of the great novel to re- mind Spaniards and the world that Don Quixote cannot die. Even if everyone reasonably literate knows something about Unamuno, few Ameri- cans and Englishmen have read much of him. In English translation, only The Tragic Sense of Life has been readily available until now. But the Bollingen Fund plans to pub- lish Unamuno's selected works in nine v

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