Fall 1968 • Vol. XXX No. 5 Book Reviews |

Conservatism: Literary and Political

697 Jeffrey Hart CONSERVATISM: LITERARY AND POLITICAL THE CONSERVATIVE TRADITION IN AMERICA by Allen Gutt- mann. Oxford University Press, $6.00. Allen Guttmann's thesis may be stated briefly, and in his own words. The "Liberal tradition (of which John Locke is fons if not origo) has dominated American political thought and, to a much lesser degree, political behavior." On the other hand, "While it is true that a political party committed to Burkean Con- servatism is almost unthink- able at the present moment, it is nonetheless a fact that Conservatism has persisted in America as an essentially lit- erary phenomenon. Pushed in disarray from the battlefield of political activity, Conser- vatism has taken refuge in the citadel of ideas. The democra- tization of American society has made Conservatism in- creasingly feeble as an institu- tionalized force, but the Con- servative's dream of a hierar- chically structured society of prescribed values and re- strained liberty has continued on

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