Winter 1965 • Vol. XXVII No. 1 Book Reviews |


SELECTED LETTERS OF ROBERT FROST. Edited by Lawrance Thompson. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, $10.00. This selection of Frost's letters (466 out of some 1500 that are extant) amounts to an apologia for the poet's mind and art. In a curiously defensive introduction, Mr. Thompson, readying us for a "foxy" Frost, makes a general claim: "Turning different sides of his personality to different recipients of his letters, [Frost] created a fascinating self-portrait which was colored and enriched by meaningful inconsistencies, self-contradictions, and partial concealments." Quite so. "Meaningful" is nowadays, of course, one of the scholar-critic's camouflage words (like "creativity," "integrity," "alienation," and the rest) and bids us get at the heart of the matter. Mr. Thompson goes on, a little later: "One purpose of the editor is to invite any thoughtful and imaginative reader to 'roll his own' biography of Robert Frost from these 'makings' prior to the appearance of any formal biograp

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