Winter 1963 • Vol. XXV No. 1 Book ReviewsJanuary 1, 1963 |

A Moralizer’s Tale

REVIEWS Daniel Bell A MORALIZER'S TALE THE IMAGE: OR WHAT HAPPENED TO THE AMERICAN DREAM by Daniel Boorstin. Atheneum Publishers, $5.00. MR. BOORSTIN, A HSTORIAN AT THE University of Chicago, was for a decade part of the American Cele- bration. His thoughtful book, The Genius of American Politics, sought to demonstrate to foreigners the uniqueness of the American poli- tical system, and to American Pol- icy makers the impossibility of ex- porting the American way of life to uncongenial soil. Now Mr. Boorstin has turned his eye in- ward, to the American landscape, and he is appalled. America is not unique but a Disneyland writ large across the continent. Despite our wealth, literacy, and technology, we have created a "thicket of un- reality" between "us and the facts of life." This thicket is the "Cpseudo-event," an illusion of some- thing important or momentous that is simply a puffed-up episode of something singularly unimportant or half-true. The Image is a witty book, re- plete w

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