Winter 1962 • Vol. XXIV No. 1 Book Reviews |

The Dungeon of the Novel

The Dungeon Of The Heart by Edwin T. Bowden. The Macmillan Company, $3.75. Form And Fable In American Fiction by Daniel G. Hoffman. Oxford University Press, $7.00. This looks like a good opportunity to call publicly for a halt, right now and at least for a time, to the production of books about American fiction. The market is buried under, and even the heroically industrious student of such matters—who may for all I know be managing to survive, minimally, somewhere under the pile—deserves a chance to grope out, grab whatever he can in the heap, and hang on for a spell. The present reader is warned at the start (and editors please note) that this is just what his reviewer intends to do. Is it really treason not to want to read any more discussions—not any at all—of The Scarlet Letter, Moby-Dick, and Huckleberry Finn for, say, two years? If so make the most of it. Your reviewer picked up The Dungeon of the Heart: Human Isolation and the American Novel first, as muc

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