Winter 1949 • Vol. XI No. 1 Book Reviews |

Mozart and His Critic

A Companion To Mozart's Piano Concertos by Arthur Hutchings. Oxford. $5.50 Because I share Professor Hutchings' high admiration for his subject, Mozart's piano concertos, I can claim to be one of his most sympathetic readers, but for the same reason I must confess myself one of his severest critics. Let my remarks be taken with this understanding. I hoped for much pleasure and profit from this extended study, the first in English, of the most wonderful music in the world, and so it is with real and personal disappointment that I must call it a failure in all the large projects it has undertaken. Some very real virtues are swallowed up in the failure of the book as a whole. Professor Hutchings writes with charming enthusiasm and without any pomposity or affectation. His modest concern is to help the interested amateur understand and enjoy the music more completely, and this kind of appeal seems to me entirely correct and attractive. Honor and thanks to him for sparing us Mozart th

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