Winter 1949 • Vol. XI No. 1 PoetryJanuary 1, 1949 |

A Legend of Viable Women

I. Maia was one, all gold, fire, and sapphire,Bedazzling of intelligence that rinsed the senses, She was of Roman vocables the disburser, Six couturiers in Paris sat to her hats. There was Anna, the cool Western evidencer Who far afield sought surrender in Sicily, Wept under the rose window of Palma deMallorca, For she thought fate had played a child in her hand. There was Betty the vigorous; her Packard of PhiladelphiaSpurred she; she was at home in Tanganyika,Who delighted to kill the wild elephant, Went Eastward on, to the black tigers of Indochine. There was Margaret of Germany in America, and Jerusalem,Of mild big eyes, who loved the blood of Englishmen,Safely to voyage the Eros battlements of Europe,Protectress to be of young and home, massive the mother. There was Helen the blond Iowan, actress raddled,Who dared learning a little, of coyness the teacher, Laughing subtleties, manipulator of men, a WaldorfOf elegant fluff, endangering to the serious. The

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