Winter 1947 • Vol. IX No. 1 Book Reviews |

Man Facing His Evil

The Road Of Life And Death: A Ritual Drama of the American Indians by Paul Radin. Pantheon. $4.50 The record of man's spiritual achievements is a million millionth part of that achievement. We do have a record of some sort for the great and literate civilizations. But also there were the primitive peoples, each of which had too its long course of ethical and philosophical striving, its unrecorded moral and expressive life. Among the little groups of hunters and food-gatherers men faced the same eternal questions, of life and how to live it, of death and how to avoid or bear it. In such groups too there were men who reflected, and who created art and ritual to express aspiration and conviction. The religions and philosophies that men have made and lived are multitude; only a very few are known to us. This extraordinary document is a deep glimpse into the ethical and religious system of one such non-literate group. The old Winnebago life in which the Medicine Rite was practice

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