Winter 1946 • Vol. VIII No. 1 Book Reviews |

Short Notice: Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer

Memoirs Of A Shy Pornographer by Kenneth Patchen. New Directions. $3.00. Purchasers attracted by the last word in the title will be pretty sure to feel sold, like movie-goers who find the film not living up to the posters in the lobby. But what pornography there is in this book is not shy. And this fiction is much too random a performance for a set of memoirs. So the title is not descriptive, though probably the dizziest of the season. I do not know what is the matter with Patchen that he should toss off so many poor and hasty books. It seems likely that he doesn't have the company, and not for that reason the habits, of any really serious writers, and he doesn't know what labor they exact of themselves. He just runs with the boys. If so, he is at the same disadvantage as thousands of ladies in the "Poetry Societies," who write poems all the time without taking the trouble to read any other poems except each other's. Patchen has a gift but I don't know whether he will make an

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