Winter 1944 • Vol. VI No. 1 FictionJanuary 1, 1944 |

The Football Players

There was a red dirt alley behind the schule, runnig the length of the block, with back yards facing on it at one end of the block. At the other end were two empty lots, one on each side of the dirt alley. The one on the other side was wooded, but the one by the back of the schule was cleared, and people dumped their leaves there to rot. After school the boys would wait by the back of the schule until the Jewish boys got out. A crowd of gentile boys waited there, every day, listening to the wailing singsong chant through the windows. When the new boy Christopher Michaels came there he began always to be waiting there too, with his thin pale face and red cheeks and black hair hanging straight across his forehead almost to his eyes, listening with them all to the chant. Finally the wailing always stopped, and Christopher Michaels and the other boys outside would hear feet moving on the boards inside, moving toward the doors. The Jewish boys were coming out: the Hebrew chant al

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