Winter 1944 • Vol. VI No. 1 Book Reviews |

Bird’s Eye View

12 Spanish American Poets: An Anthology edited, with translations, by H. R. Hays. Yale University Press. $3.50. Here are a dozen poets; "selected to give the reader a bird's eye view of contemporary Spanish American poetry." But it is an irritating habit of birds, especially in mountainous Latin America, to fly exceedingly high; and the landscape becomes blurred and lost in a haze of neutral color in direct proportion to their altitude. Mr. Hays's bird is such a high flyer that it got its eyes misted on its way through the clouds of the Andes. Eventually it comes out into the sunlight. But then there is left a blanket of cloud below it. In order not to mislead the reader, it should be stated now that most of Mr. Hays's poets are good poets, one of them perhaps a great poet. But they were not captured and brought together by the eye of any bird; they were hooked by Mr. Hays himself, who surely must have felt, after he had scrambled them together, that an anthology must have a

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