Winter 1940 • Vol. II No. 1 Book ReviewsJanuary 1, 1940 |

Roger Fry, Orthodox Heretic

Last Lectures by Roger Fry. Macmilan. $5.00 Already in 1907, when Roger Fry was appointed Curator of Painting at the Metropolitan Museum, he had a reputation as an interpreter of the past. This had been well under way as early as 1901, when he wrote his analytical and yet sensitive essay on Giotto. It had been increased by his subsequent studies of the Italian Renaissance, as well as by his own researches as a painter, and the steady scientific thinking which had been his ever since his student days at Cambridge. He was set, apparently, for a career within the tradition. But it did not materialize. In 1908, Mr. Fry resigned (much to our loss) and returned to Europe. There he was soon won over to the more venturesome current of the time. But actually his revolt had already begun when he first turned to the past, because he had gone there looking for a solidity which he did not find in the Impressionists. He obtained it, however, in the Renaissance. Consequently, he began attack

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