Winter 1940 • Vol. II No. 1 Book ReviewsJanuary 1, 1940 |

Dewey and His Critics

Logic: The Theory of Inquiry by John Dewey. Henry Holt. $3.00The Philosophy of John Dewey edited by Paul Arthur Schilpp. The Library of Living Philosophers: Vol. 1. Northwestern University Press. $4.00John Dewey by Sidney Hook. John Day. $2.00 Mr. Dewey’s eightieth birthday has been attended by festivities unprecedented for a living philosopher’s anniversary. Within the last year he has published his Logic, which he considers his magnum opus; now comes the volume edited by Mr. Schilpp, which contains a biography by Mr. Dewey’s daughters, a bibliography, seventeen essays expounding or criticizing most aspects of his philosophy, and Dewey’s lengthy reply to these essays; and Mr. Hook presents him with a combined primer of his philosophy and eulogy. Still another book by Mr. Dewey, Freedom and Culture, has just appeared; more publications are in the offing. Various learned societies have held symposia in his honor. Even Time and some of the newspapers, although they are unaw

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