Summer 2023 • Vol. XLV No. 1 Poetry |

Gran, pre-wolf, plumb morning

The Kenyon Review · Gran, Pre - Wolf, Plumb Morning sky. blue spruce. hemlock. silhouettes in the pane above the rod of eyelet curtain. a paleness that distinguishes itself from darkness. to vanquish night. no. to extinguish shame. no. to quiet the natural disorders of sleep. yes. her insomnia. she does not like to be difficult. she does not like the porridge /  shades / tea that must be drawn just so. the glass of water (filtered, no ice) to vanish her heap of pills. the pill-box with its easy-to-cipher compartments. its ergonomic flip-top lids. medicine into days. days into meals. meals into pulp. something liquid. intestines. enzymes. so much to pass & pass through . . . flesh. forest. time. stone . . . when I was a girl . . . already the faces glaze over. each to their own particular lumped bed. can you imagine? flowers to church. loose-locked girls. babes let out to push their own strollers. perfumed crones in garish hats. cherry cordial. dry pantry. muslin o

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Jennifer Sperry Steinorth’s books include A Wake with Nine Shades (Texas Review Press, 2019) and Her Read, A Graphic Poem (Texas Review Press, 2021), recipient of Foreword Review’s Best of the Indie Press bronze prize in poetry and the Fred Whitehead Award for Best Design of a Trade Book. Recent work appears in The Cincinnati Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, The Missouri Review, Pleiades, Plume, RHINO, TriQuarterly, and elsewhere. An interdisciplinary artist and licensed builder, she lectures at the University of Michigan in the Department of English and is a 2023–24 Beinecke Fellow at Yale working on a biography of C. D. Wright.

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