Fall 2023 • Vol. XLV No. 4 Luminous Gender Vessel |

Blue or Green Poem

The Kenyon Review · "Blue or Green Poem" by Brook S, Corfman Blue, which appears only when enough water is gathered together. The day I first took half of the little blue pill, I saw the girl I was and the girl I’d never become, on either side of me, interested. The next day I changed my mind about the color, thought, it’s green, isn’t it. I’d assumed I’d wait for months, but when I called the doctor they made an appointment for the next day. Lapis turns back into azure as I realize that it’s not until a second appointment that I’ll receive a prescription. Supposedly my dreams will bloom, things will feel different to the touch. Indigo tells me I’m in a dream. I begin to realize I will not be able to discern the cause of certain changes, whether due to stress, illness, aging, or the little blue or green pill. At first I thought it could be about shapes, and at first, denim blue, it seems mostly true — shapes made of fabric and the shapes undernea

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Photo of S. Brook Corfman

S. Brook Corfman is the author of the poetry collections My Daily Actions, or The Meteorites (Fordham, 2020), one of The New York Times Best Poetry Books of 2020, finalist for a Publishing Triangle Award, and winner of the Fordham University Press POL Prize chosen by Cathy Park Hong; and Luxury, Blue Lace (Autumn House, 2019), chosen by Richard Siken for the Rising Writer Prize. Read more at @sbrookcorfman and sbrookcorfman.com.

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