July/Aug 2019 • Vol. XLI No. 4 July 1, 2019 |

An Excerpt from “Please Be Sure”

Read a micro-conversation with the author here. I first entered the Canyon House to the flight of a symphony, mid-crescendo. All the rooms here are wired for sound. Even the bathrooms. I thought I’d interrupted an elegant brunch, but the house was empty. Terse instructions waited on an island of white quartz, along with a sleek remote to orchestrate the house’s every ebb and flow. The remote is the size of a tablet, as complex as a pilot’s panel of flight instruments: color-coded, zoned, a precise order of punches required to mute Beethoven’s Ninth from hurtling after me, room to room. When the doorbell rings this morning, I use the remote to retrieve the security feed from the front steps. Byron, my scene partner, squints into the camera and waves. I don’t invite anyone to the houses I sit. The success of my rotation hinges on invisibility. It takes skill to maintain the established order of things, and I am an excellent phantom. For instance, each house must maintai

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Ariel Delgado Dixon was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. In 2016 she was shortlisted for the Masters Review Anthology Prize, and her work now appears in their New Voices series. Her work has also been highlighted by Ploughshares’ “The Best Short Story I Read This Month” online feature, and she was a 2017 nominee for the PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Award for Emerging Writers. She currently resides in Idaho where she is earning an MFA in fiction from Boise State University.

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