Spring 2001 • Vol. XXIII No. 2 Cultures of Creativity: The Centennial Celebration of the Nobel PrizesApril 1, 2001 |


And the number was uneven In the green of holy Stephen Where before the ass the cart Was harnessed for a foreign part. In this should not be seen the sign Of hasard, no, but of design. For of the two, by common consent, The cart was the more intelligent. Whose exceptionally pia Mater hatched this grand idea Is not known. He or she, Smiling unmolested, free, By this one act the mind become A providential vacuum, Continues still to stroll amok, To eat, drink, piss, shit, fart and fuck. Assuming that the fucking season Did not expire with that of reason. Now through the city spreads apace The cry: A thought has taken place! A human thought! Ochone! Ochone! Purissima Virgo! We're undone! Bitched, buggered and bewilderéd! Bring forth your dead! Bring forth your dead! *"Antipepsis," which first appeared in Metre, is reprinted here with the kind assistance of David Wheatley and with permission of Edward Beckett and the estate of Samuel Beckett.

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