Spring 1999 • Vol. XXI No. 2 Fiction |

From La Muerte Y Otras Sorpresas: Cuentos

From the Spanish ALTER EGO He was an ordinary young man: there were knee bulges forming in his pants, he read short stories, made noise when he ate, would place his fingers in his nose, snored during siesta, and was called Armando. Everything about him was ordinary except for one thing: he had an Alter Ego. There was a certain poetry in his Alter Ego's look: it fell in love with actresses, lied cautiously, and became excitable in the late afternoons. Armando was quite worried about his Alter Ego and it made him feel uncomfortable in front of his friends. Moreover, his Alter Ego was melancholy, and because of this, Armando couldn't be as popular as he wanted to be. One afternoon, Armando arrived at home tired after work, took off his shoes, slowly wiggled his toes, and then turned on the radio. Mozart was playing, but he fell asleep. When Armando woke up, his Alter Ego was crying with grief. At first, Armando didn't know what to do, but afterwards he regained h

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Harry Morales is a Spanish literary translator whose translations include the work of the late Mario Benedetti, Rodrigo Rey Rosa, Eugenio María de Hostos, Emir Rodríguez Monegal, Juan Rulfo, Alberto Ruy-Sánchez, Ilan Stavans, and Francisco Proaño Arandi, among many other distinguished Latin American writers. His work has been widely published in numerous anthologies and has appeared in various journals, including Pequod, Quarterly West, Chicago Review, TriQuarterly, The Literary Review, Agni, The Kenyon Review, and Mid-American Review, among others. His English translation of two verse collections by Mario Benedetti, Sólo Mientras Tanto: Poemas: 1948-1950 (Only in the Meantime: Poems: 1948-1950) and Poemas de la Oficina: 1953-1956 (Office Poems: 1953-1956) and a volume of stories, El Resto Es Selva y Otros Cuentos (The Rest is Jungle and Other Stories) is published by Host Publications.

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