Spring 1993 • Vol. XV No. 2 Poetry: Dramatic Voices |


And I stay on in doubt with yes and no dividing all my heart to hope and fear. DANTE, The Inferno 1. Liberators on a Dutch Nazi flier: the liberators will save European culture--- jitterbug, KKK, the world's blond bombshell leg, the other leg a bomb, all this crap, Miss America and Miss Victory prettied on a black man's jazzy, money-hoisting arm. And the little Jew below, big ears, the mechanical androgynous thing marching over Europe's cities, the six-pointed star cunt, noose, handcuffs, tommy gun. War---thy name is mechanical, and wild women hooked on the black man's arm, chippies set to hoot and holler. 2. Jitterbug, civilization's triumph---yes. That's for the dancing kids who had little trust in the civil world. They high-stepped out of the breadline. My mother didn't tell me about dancing. She said your hands will be destroyed by dishwater. The dancing foot is attached to the body but independent---swing, flip, the body which desires so much rhythm. You ar

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