Spring 1993 • Vol. XV No. 2 DramaApril 1, 1993 |

From Ambrosio

Cordoba, Spain, 1500. A handsome monk, AMBROSIO, preaches a sermon, saying God made evil so we can freely choose the good. He is visited in his cell by a novice, ROSARIO, who seduces him. He becomes sexually obsessed by a confessor, ANTONIA. He meets Satan, in the form of a fisherman, DON PEDRO, who courts ANTONIA, and who denounces AMBROSIO to the Inquisition as a heretic. AMBROSIO attempts to rape ANTONIA, and ends by strangling both her and ELVIRA, her mother. He is caught by the Inquisition. SCENE 17. (Prison in the Inquisition in Cordoba. The INQUISITOR GENERAL, with trial records. Standing by him is DIEGO LUCERO. AMBROSIO is on his knees before them.) LUCERO: You claim you were visited by a demon named Rosario. AMBROSIO: Yes, Father. LUCERO: Reply to His Grace. AMBROSIO: Yes, your Grace. LUCERO: In the form of a boy. AMBROSIO: Yes, your Grace. LUCERO: A novice in your monastery. AMBROSIO: Yes, your Grace. INQUISITOR: Ambrosio. Monks have testified t

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