Spring 1993 • Vol. XV No. 2 DramaApril 1, 1993 |

Family Pride in the 50s: A Comedy of Menace

MISE EN SCENE: Inside a giant TV set of the 1950s. Two families at holiday dinner in the 1950s. Everybody eating, passing food, arranging their minds. Total silence. Excruciation. DOROTHY and LOUIS are one family. Their kids are DAVID and RICKY. MARLENE and MAURY are another family. Their kids are JOAN and MAUREEN. LOUIS and MAURY are brothers, and DOROTHY and MARLENE are sisters. Everybody looks like everybody else. JOAN: I feel sick. I'm throwing up. MAUREEN: You're disturbed. JOAN: No I mean it. I'm sick and I'm throwing up. MAUREEN: You're really disturbed. JOAN: I'm throwing up all over this table and I'm including your shoes in my target area. MAUREEN: I'll stab you. I'll stab you with my spoon. JOAN: Like fun you will. MAUREEN: And then I'll put my salad fork right through you and I'll put your bladder on the broiler and your heart on the rotisserie. MARLENE: What did you say, darling? MAUREEN: I said I'd stab her with my salad fork and then I said

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