Spring 1992 • Vol. XIV No. 2 Fiction |

Fish Head

brother's wife is cooking the dinner. She had to look in the cookbook to figure out how to cook the turkey. American style. God knows what she would have done with the bird. Anyway, she's an FOB. Imported straight from Korea, Fresh Off the Boat. She probably thinks I should be in the kitchen with her slaving over the stove. Well, I'm glad Dad didn't come for dinner because he would've made me help her. Whatever she's making in there certainly doesn't smell like turkey. Dad didn't have to pay the joong-mae too much money for her work in fixing the marriage because she is a friend of Mom's from high school. They used to sneak off during the morning Mass together. Mom and her friend the joong-mae, that is. That's how Dad saw Mom, in her school uniform, hair straight and short, right below the ears. At least, that's how I would imagine it to be, I guess; I don't know. They had a regular marriage, that I know. No joong-mae in between or anything like that. They met on their own,

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Chu Kim is a journalist based in Seoul. Her works include a short film about the tribulations of modern-day toilets.

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