Spring 1990 • Vol. XII No. 2 |

. . . The Meat That Changed Me . . .

nsnorttlement and crayle! Turn the flow pad of snot my way, dad! Nothing like ~this has turned up on the sidewalk before, and I am the one who found it. A head skinned is a head no more. There's a thing called a skull; pop it into an acid bath and watch the brain float free! P'm a little miracle! You should have seen me-with lightning jabs I struck, the sheath parting, the membrane turning to gum, the nerve bundles crunching beneath my furious radula But when I saw the face, The face was right on I'm telling you, Dad, you A1nd you never wilf. I was amazed! thae brain!S never lived skit longB. I was like a pirate this morning, drunk and joyous and praying |1with my penis out. Nobody took me aside, nobody S called me away. I ate my fill and guess what? It was S only a tiny amount! Now I am sick with light, glory- S poisoned. And I frankly admit it, I will not share this _ with anyone. Oh, Dad, aren't I wonderful? W I8I

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