Spring 1985 • Vol. VII No. 2 FictionApril 1, 1985 |

The Settlement

Travel," her lawyer told her as he examined her signature on the divorce agreement. "Spain, Portugal." Phyllis took the check he held out as if it were a passport. "Enjoy life. Go to Rome." He waved at a picture of the Colosseum on the wall. "The Eternal City." Anthony Lecesse. He liked to think of himself as a modern Cicero. She smiled, picturing his stubby, wide-shouldered body in a toga, the folds around his neck like a muffler. She looked down at the check. "Pay to the order of," the crisp blue paper commanded. It was safely made out to her account at the bank. She put it into her handbag next to her address book. "You only live once." Anthony pushed back his chair and rose to shake hands. "Well, good-bye," she said like a traveler so long at the border that the permission to pass on surprised her. She wondered if she should thank him but decided against it. "Arrivederci," she said with a half wave of her hand.   She paused at the corner of Fifth

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