Spring 1983 • Vol. V No. 2 Editor's Notes |

Editorial: A Valediction

Besides commemorating the retirement of the fine scholar and writer Robert W Daniel, who has served as a loyal supporter and assistant editor of the Kenyon Review, this issue also marks my resignation as editor. The responsibility for editing the Kenyon Review has been taken over by a committee of members of the Kenyon College Department of English, and its character will begin to change--gradually at first, because the Review has a backlog of already accepted material. This occasion perhaps provokes some reflections on the task of an editor of a literary quarterly. Ideally, he or she should be both a writer and a kind of midwife to other writers, paying back a little of the great debt to the past literary culture by assuming the vestments of the editorial judge. A literary magazine should set itself the task of defining the vital present of that culture, in the full awareness that history may reverse its judgment. I do not feel that I have been able to complete the task Ron

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